King Kilowatt

Let's Active tribute show and CD release party in Winston-Salem, NC -- July 19, 2003

Full-time Kilowatters Joe Procopio, Julia Goodwin, and Doug Mayo-Wells joined by sometime-Kilowatters Greg and Craig. King Kilowatt closed out the 10-band bill at about 1:00 a.m. with the following set:

Annoyed (Doug Mayo-Wells)
Presurized Thermal Shock Event
(King Kilowatt)
Caught a Light
(King Kilowatt)
Ordinary Day (Greg Ceton)
Mr. Fool
(Let's Active)
Ms. Smart
(King Kilowatt's response to "Mr. Fool")
Cut-out Witch
(Guided by Voices)

Check out King Kilowatt's track from the Let's Active tribute album, Every Word.

Greg in pre-set tuning mode.


Craig and Joe, a couple of notorious champagne charlies.

Mitch Easter and wife Shalini performed a set of Let's Active greatest hits.

More pre-show tomfoolery with Greg, Julia, and Craig (aka "Marv Esther of Less Active").

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