King Kilowatt

The Songs

Mr. Fool (192K MP3 -- 4.4MB) (Let's Active cover for Every Word on Laughing Outlaw Records)

Caught a Light 3:09 (128K MP3 -- 3.0MB) (192K MP3 -- 4.4MB)

Constellation 2:49 (128K MP3 -- 2.6MB) (192K MP3 -- 4.0MB)

One Life 4:59 (128K MP3 -- 4.7MB) (192K MP3 -- 7.0MB)

Today, Tonight 4:31 (128K MP3 -- 4.2MB) (192K MP3 -- 6.4MB)

Oh Yeah! ( MP3 -- 851KB )

Pressurized Thermal Shock Event

The Bolero

Mystery Song #5

Elvis Sings for You

Kilowatt's Coronation Theme

That Way Lies Madness

Danger Boy

Cascadian Twilight

...and many more yet to be named!

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